Tip 42- Dirty Restaurant Secrets (Part 1)

I love eating out; I get a night off, enjoy someone else’s cooking and no clean up!

Be aware of some of the following germ spreading problems:
The Touch and Go: This is when the server refills your glass, but the pitcher is resting on the rim of your glass. If it rested on your glass, it probably rested on many others; making this the perfect way to spread a virus.
The Glass Grab: When the server reaches for your water glass and they grab it by the rim, not the body of the glass. Any germs on their hands can be transferred to your glass and then you put it in your mouth-yuck!
Dirty towel, “cleaning” your table: The same towel is usually used all night to clean tables. 
Today’s tip: Time to be picky! Go to a restaurant that uses fresh table cloths or bring a sanitizing wipe to clean your table. I do this and mortify my children. Also, I hand my water glass to the server so they don’t have to pick it up.

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  • Judy Robbins
    Posted at 10:32h, 07 May Reply

    Thank you Deborah. I’m so into this…here is another one to add.
    How about being served a salad with the server’s thumb in it. Ugh!

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