Tip 43- Surprising Food Soothers

When stress levels skyrocket, most people run to the vending machine for chocolate or a bag of potato chips. The food you grab in these moments can help or hurt your stress levels. Grabbing a chocolate bar will raise your blood sugar levels, which will actually raise your stress levels even higher. When under stress, we need to grab foods that lower stress hormones, not raise them.
Try eating some of the following foods during your next moment of stress:

  • Nuts: An ounce (shot glass amount) of walnuts or almonds contains B vitamins and zinc along with a dose of good fat.
  • Guacamole: Avocados contain B vitamins, one of the first vitamins depleted during times of stress.
  • Oranges: People, who have more vitamin C in their systems before a stressful event, end up having lower stress hormone levels.

Today’s tip: Make a stress kit of foods to take with you to work.

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