Tip 41- Sneaky Energy Stealers

When the weather turns cold (and gray) your body will naturally begin to crave more carbohydrates and fat. These foods help your body create serotonin, the “feel good” chemical which gives you a dose of “inside sunshine”.  During the winter we eat, on average, an extra 100 calories each day. If this happens you’d be gaining almost a pound of fat each month.
Eat beans to boost your energy! Beans will give you a good dose of fiber, keeping you fuller, longer. They also provide folic acid which helps to increase your mood in the winter months. Also, eat them in a hot meal, such as chili or bean soup. Hot meals will help keep you full and kill your appetite.
Today’s tip: Buy a can of black beans, open and rinse under cold water for about 30 seconds (helps to remove the sodium). Add the beans to scrambled eggs, a salad or grilled veggies.

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