Tip 35- Foolproof Tips From My Most Successful Clients (Part 3)

Never get ravenous.

Lean people know this trick well; they never allow their hunger to get out of control. When your hunger is overwhelming, you will eat about 30% more calories than your body requires. Often, you will end up craving and eating foods you don’t normally eat. Not only are you overeating, but you’re also eating whatever you have in front you, just to satisfy your hunger.

The solution? Plan ahead and pack a snack with some protein. If you just eat carbs (ex: fruit) you will be hungry again in no time.

Today’s tip: Shop and prep the following snacks for the week to come.

  • Nuts. All you need is an ounce, which is one serving. You can use a shot glass for easy measuring.
  • Hardboiled eggs. Keep some in the frig at work.
  • String cheese. Combine this with an apple for a high energy afternoon snack.
  • Sylvia Barber
    Posted at 14:10h, 16 April Reply

    I heard you talk at Camano Island City Church recently and I bought your book. it is very interesting and helpful but I had a question that I didn’t find an answer to in your book, You mentioned that caffein can affect the effectiveness of some medications or vitamins and I was wondering if thyroid or blood pressure meds could be affected, and if so, how soon can you take them after having coffee? Also, I heard a report on the evening news recently that reported on a study that indicated that people who took vitamins did not live any longer than those who didn’t take vitamins. What’s your take on that?

    • deborah
      Posted at 10:57h, 22 April Reply

      Caffeine will interfere w/many medications, especially thryoid. I’d wait an hour after having caffeine before taking meds. Or, if you take it in the morning, wait an hour for your coffee.

      As to you other question. I haven’t had time to read the full study. But, on any given day, you can read a study that does link vitamins to a healthier life and longevity.

  • Kiki
    Posted at 12:28h, 22 April Reply

    Hi Deborah!

    I met you at city church belltown at ladies group, I been reading your book, thank you! The tips are great!

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  • MarkSpizer
    Posted at 06:21h, 03 May Reply

    great post as usual!

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