Tip 34- Foolproof Tips From My Most Successful Clients (Part 2)

Years ago, one of my clients taught me a valuable tip. She was in her mid fifties and looked like she was in her early forties. She had two kids, worked a full time job and volunteered as a Sunday school teacher. Even with her busy schedule, she didn’t let anything interfere with her workout.

She always planned her workouts in advance. She would lay out her clothes, pack a gym bag, or set her alarm early, if need be. The workout didn’t have to be long. Even if she just spent 15 minutes stretching and doing crunches, it helped her feel better during the day.

Today’s tip: On Friday night, plan your workout for Saturday. Start small, get up 15 minutes early and start your day with some stretching. Stretching will get your blood flowing to your joints, helping you feel less stiff during your day.

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