Tip 32- Foods To Boost Your Mood

As winter drags on, it’s important to eat food that will boost your mood. Food rich in folic acid (folate) and in vitamin B12 help prevent disorders of the central nervous system and can boost your mood.

To increase folic acid (FA), stick with eating beans and greens. Vitamin B12 is found in meat, fish, poultry, and dairy. Yes, you can take supplements of these vitamins, but I encourage you to start to get these nutrients from eating the following meals.

Today’s tip: Combine foods containing folic acid and Vitamin B12 to really boost your mood.

  • Chicken (B12) burrito with black beans (FA)
  • Spinach (FA) salad with tuna or chicken (B12)
  • Scrambled eggs (B12) sautéed with spinach (FA)
  • Bowl of chili beans (FA) with a little ground beef (B12)
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