Tip 23- Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Gaining Weight

I love this holiday, but I don’t like feeling stuffed and bloated all evening.

Here are some tips to help give you more control over your holiday eating:

  1. Eat an animal protein in the morning. Eating the right breakfast will keep you from sampling all the yummy food before your actual meal.
  2. Have a hot drink, tea or coffee (and not an Irish coffee!) an hour before mealtime. This will keep you full and give you more resolve to decline second helpings.
  3. Eat an apple an hour or two before your meal. The fiber from the apple will fill you up, making it more difficult for you to overeat.

If you do overeat…

  • Eat some citrus fruit. Citrus fruit is known to be a mild diuretic and can help move excess fluid from your body.
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