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The HealthStyle File- The Health Effect of One Good Decision

What: You’ve been working on your health over the last few months, drinking more water, exercising and eating more veggies…During the holiday season you started to feel a bit unmotivated, overwhelmed and tired. And now, let’s face it; you don’t have the extra energy to stick to […]

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The HealthStyle File- How To Pack a High Energy Lunch

What: You arrive at work before anyone else, you work hard but by 8am you’re starving!  In fact, most days, the food you bring from home is gone before lunch and you never really feel full. Why: When you get up early you’re body is going to […]

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The HealthStyle File- When Working Out Stops Working

What: The weather has been great, so you’ve been walking every morning before work.  After the first few weeks you lost a few pounds of fat and were even able to fit into some shorts from last summer (no small feat!). But now the same walk doesn’t seem […]

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The HealthStyle File- What Would You Do With An Extra Hour Each Day?

What: Money is great, but you can’t buy extra time or energy.  What if by changing a couple of little habits you could create enough excess energy to have an extra hour of fun, work or exercise each day? Why:  Many of us begin to “annihilate” our […]

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The HealthStyle File: Weight Loss Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is breakfast so important if I’m trying to lose weight? Breakfast skippers are more likely to have more body fat than their breakfast-eating counterparts. They will be more likely to gorge (not just overeat, but gorge) later in the day and will burn approximately 150 […]

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The HealthStyle File: How To End Vitamin Confusion

What: You walk up and down the vitamin aisle feeling totally confused. Asking yourself, should I buy vitamins? Are they really necessary? Are all brands created equal? Which formula is right for my body? Why: Why do you need to take vitamins if you eat a healthy […]

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The HealthStyle File: Laugh Your Way To Health!

WHAT: Are you happy? Are you surprised that I care? While you may think it an odd question, being happy can be a huge boost to your health. People who are happy have stronger immune systems, lower cholesterol levels and clearer arteries, and that’s just for starters! One […]

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The HealthStyle File: How To Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke

What: By the time you finish reading this newsletter, another woman will die from heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer of women and men. Why: Heart disease is still considered a “man’s disease” so women may not take their symptoms as seriously as they should. […]

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The HealthStyle File: How To Lose Two Pounds by Saturday

What: You just tried on your favorite pants; only problem? Your dry cleaner must have shrunk them (ha-ha) because you can’t get them buttoned. Why: The holidays are over, and you’ve gained a bit of weight. Although, it’s not always fat that we gain, sometimes it can […]

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The HealthStyle File: Boost Your Immune System With Beef?

What: The kids are back in school and they are bringing home a fresh new batch of germs and viruses. You now have the sniffles and can feel a head cold coming on. This happens every fall, and you’re beginning to wonder if there’s anything you can […]

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