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Tip 46- Eat Heavy Foods

By heavy, I don’t mean heavy with calories, but heavy by weight.   While the calories and fat in food will help fill you up, so will the weight of your food. Did you ever wonder why you can eat a whole bag of rice cakes and […]

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Tip 45- What Time Should I Stop Eating Before Bed?

This is the most common question I’m asked. Many nutritionists will tell you not to eat after 6pm if you’re trying to lose weight. This is great advice if you go to bed at 8pm. But for the rest of us who have jobs, kids, and a […]

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Tip 44- Dirty Restaurant Secrets (Part 2)

Here are a few more tips to make your dining safer and healthier:   Skip fish on Sunday: Fish has a short shelf life and it needs to be fresh. Most restaurants get fish deliveries twice a week and it doesn’t happen on the weekends. Fish sold […]

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Tip 43- Surprising Food Soothers

When stress levels skyrocket, most people run to the vending machine for chocolate or a bag of potato chips. The food you grab in these moments can help or hurt your stress levels. Grabbing a chocolate bar will raise your blood sugar levels, which will actually raise […]

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Tip 42- Dirty Restaurant Secrets (Part 1)

I love eating out; I get a night off, enjoy someone else’s cooking and no clean up! Be aware of some of the following germ spreading problems:   The Touch and Go: This is when the server refills your glass, but the pitcher is resting on the […]

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Tip 41- Sneaky Energy Stealers

When the weather turns cold (and gray) your body will naturally begin to crave more carbohydrates and fat. These foods help your body create serotonin, the “feel good” chemical which gives you a dose of “inside sunshine”.  During the winter we eat, on average, an extra 100 […]

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Tip 40- Tricky Ways to Tame Your Appetite

I’m not a big fan of chewing gum, but after reading a new study I am now a gum chewing convert! It showed that chewing gum after lunch can kill a sweet tooth. Also, recent research showed that eating a small portion of healthy fat before dinner can slow […]

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Tip 39- You Should Be Afraid of the Dark. Here’s Why:

If trying to lose weight, limit your food choices by type and color-the more choices you have, the more you’ll eat. If you’re trying to cut back on your eve­ning meal, stick with one or two food options and foods that are the same color (boring, but […]

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Tip 38- Lose Your Belly Fat!

Don’t cut calories! A recent study discovered that cutting calories increased the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, which is linked to belly fat. Cortisol is a sign to your body that you are under stress. When your body is stressed, it will kick into survival mode, […]

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Tip 37- Can Fiber Help You Lose Weight?

Increase weight loss by adding fiber. Some of the fat you eat gets mixed with the fiber, which then gets excreted (sounds gross, but it’s a good thing).   Eating fiber makes you feel fuller, longer, helping to limit your trips to the refrigerator.   Today’s tip: […]

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