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Tip 54- Crazy Things that Can Cause you to Overeat…

Variety: Variety may be the spice of life, but too much variety in our food can cause you to overeat. In one study, moviegoers given M&Ms in 10 colors ate 43 percent more than those who were offered M&Ms in just 7 colors. We eat with our […]

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The HealthStyle File: I Need A Nap!

What: It happened again. Another night of tossing and turning; then you’re up at 5:30 for an early morning meeting. As you look at your schedule for the day, you also realize that both of your kids have baseball games that evening. It’s beginning to look like […]

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The HealthStyle File: Can You Slow Down The Aging Process By Eating Healthier Foods?

What: Aging. It will happen, sorry. When I mention aging, I’m talking about aging in your whole body. I know it may just feel like your face but the entire body ages, inside and out. Why: In a word, oxygen. By now you’ve probably heard of free […]

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Tip 53- Can I Have a Side of MUFA with My Salad?

It’s the new diet craze; eating more MUFA at every meal. A MUFA is a monounsaturated fatty acid; a fancy way of describing the healthy fats that are in plant foods. Numerous studies have shown that these fats enhance heart health, protect against chronic diseases and may […]

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Tip 52- 100 Calories a Day

NO, this is not a new Hollywood weight loss diet. These are the extra calories that creep up when we are not paying attention. Eating an extra 100 calories a day adds up to an extra 10 pounds of fat a year. For most of us, it […]

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Tip 51- Sneaky Sugar Sources

Sugar, while yummy, can wreck a mood faster than getting stuck in traffic. While it tastes great going down, it dumps a load of sugar into your blood stream, leaving you moody, grumpy and tired. Too much sugar in the morning will drive you to eat more […]

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Tip 50- Eat Chunky Foods so You Won’t be Chunky

A recent study discovered that people, who ate a bowl of soup with large chunks of veggies, felt fuller and ate 20% fewer calories at lunch than those who ate a pureed soup.   It appears that when you eat “chunky” foods, it takes longer to chew, […]

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Tip 49- The 5 Second Rule

I admit it; I’m a bit of a kitchen klutz. While chopping veggies, it’s inevitable that something drops on the floor. I usually rinse whatever I dropped, but sometimes I just proclaim the “5 second rule” and keep cooking.   Is it safe to follow the 5 […]

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Tip 48- How Often Do You Eat Out Each Week?

The average American eats out 4 times per week. When you eat away from home, you eat, on average, an extra 300 calories per day. Do the math: 4 days a week, you eat an extra 300 calories; that’s 1,200 calories a week. At this rate, you […]

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Tip 47- Lose Weight Today

Even I get fooled by headlines that state, “Lose 7 pounds in 7 days”. But, the only way to accomplish that amount of weight loss is to have virulent stomach flu. I don’t believe in rapid weight loss. It’s never permanent and you usually end up gaining […]

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