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Stress Less

  Talk about stress, Black Friday shopping! This year I had to participate in the holiday shopping frenzy. Black Friday saw me out the door and in the stores by 6am, joining a few million others who couldn’t resist the bargains. I knew I’d need plenty of […]

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Nonfat Holidays

Raise your hand if you would consider trying to lose weight during the holidays. (Richard Simmons, you can put your hand down.) Everyone else, let’s talk reality.   Dieting at this time of year would be torture. But maintaining your weight through the New Year would be […]

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Turkey, Yams, Pie, Oh My!

  During the holidays, what do you look forward to more: time with family and friends or permission to indulge your appetite with all those goodies? Are thoughts of hitting the buffet as exciting as spending time with friends? Smart eating during the holidays is a challenge. […]

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Fear Cookies?

  Don’t you wish looking at cookies didn’t cause weight-gain? When I was overweight, I swear, one glance translated into an added pound. Now, despite having a metabolism that’s 10 years older, I can eat the occasional cookie and not gain an ounce. According to research, the […]

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Lose 4 Pounds

You’re busy prepping for Thanksgiving. The dinner menu is planned. The family members have been given their assignments. Here’s one more task for your holiday food-fest preparations: lose four pounds before the eating-season begins. Yes, you can do this in the next two weeks. Weight loss success, […]

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Kale Chip Recipe

  Ingredients 1 head kale, washed and thoroughly dried 2 tablespoons olive oil Sea salt, for sprinkling. I sometimes use a little bit of flavored sea salt, such as chili or rosemary sea salt. Directions Preheat the oven to 275 degrees F.   Remove the ribs from […]

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Skinny Snacks

  Your body is not a savings account. You can’t bank your calories all day long and spend them on one dinner at day’s-end. You’re starving yourself, teaching your body to be frugal about calorie-burning, and getting cranky in the process.   Both your weight and your […]

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Dumb Food Moves

According to my teenagers, I made a “bomb” dinner last week, healthy chicken sausage sautéed with onions, garlic and Swiss chard over brown rice. I thought I had made enough for the four of us with plenty of left-overs. Not a morsel was left! I started to […]

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Banish the Grouch

When I get cranky, I tell myself that my fastest route to mood improvement involves sugar. Yes, I know. That kind of prescription provides only temporary crank-relief. I’m also aware of the cost to my health. Not only does that sugar buzz dissipate quickly, it sticks around […]

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Feed Your Noggin

Yesterday, I called my husband “Louie”. The only problem is, my husband is Steve and my dog is Louie. Was my mind going already? Before I started making plans for assisted living and my last wishes, I had some research to do. The bad news: scientists are […]

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