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Mindless Snacking

        Spring break is approaching, so that means I’ll be taking a little road trip with my family to visit some of our relatives. We’ve done this trip many times before, so let’s just say I know the ins and outs. If I don’t prepare enough […]

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Fiber To Go

          I was traveling for work last month, and after a few days I began feeling “digestively challenged.” I hadn’t brought as many fiber-rich snacks as I normally do, and I just wasn’t feeling myself. I mentioned this to my friend (and coworker) […]

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Curb Cravings

        If I’m craving something sweet the last thing that will satisfy me is a rice cake. To a certain extent, we are all emotional eaters. We are wired to eat emotionally from a young age. Cuddling with mom or dad while eating, cookies for […]

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The Working Lunch

           Until recently, I thought I had a good working routine for lunch. If you ever came to see me at lunchtime, you’d find me hunkered over my keyboard, carrot sticks in hand. The lunch was healthy, and I saved about 20 minutes […]

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Dole Control

In all honesty, I hate this topic. Out of everything I do to maintain my weight, this is what gives me the most trouble: It’s portion control. I’ve always been a big eater. Even as a kid, I remember adults commenting on my “healthy appetite.” Of course, […]

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Better than “Take-Out” Asian Chicken & Broccoli Stir-Fry Recipe

Better than Take-Out Asian Chicken & Broccoli Stir-Fry Recipe deborah enos

  10 Minute Dinner 1 package (roll) of Isernio’s chicken sausage 1-2 heads of washed & chopped broccoli 4 cups of cooked brown rice (I cook up a big pot over the weekend & store it in the fridge for easy use during the busy work week) […]

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3 Daily Do’s

It starts the night before… I lay out my exercise clothes. I find it helps to setup the intention to exercise before my head even hits the pillow. It’s most helpful during those dark and rainy days when I’d much rather stay cozy in my warm bed. […]

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#1 Question in 2011

At the end of the year, I reflect on the most common questions I get asked during lectures. I actually do keep track and I find the questions fascinating. Curious as to what they are? Here you go… Am I drinking enough water? The standard advice: eight […]

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Don’t Diet!

You’ve almost made it through the toughest dieting season of the year. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice up till now, it’s not time to completely give in to temptation.  Regardless of what you want to hear, the eggnog and that fudge are NOT calling your name. […]

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Sit & Gain

  I’m a serial- sitter. I sit and read nutrition research for hours. If I’m not sitting and reading, I am sitting and writing or sitting on an airplane. All that inactivity is a career hazard, so I make sure I exercise five days a week. I […]

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