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Tip 17- Immune Boosting Foods #2

Show me the beef! Grass-fed beef, that is… Zinc deficiency is common in the U.S. because many Americans aren’t eating enough zinc rich foods. Common symptoms of zinc deficiency are frequent colds and infections. Zinc will stimulate your body to produce immune boosting antibodies (this is why […]

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Tip 16- Immune Boosting Foods

We all have an immune system, but some of us take better care of it than others! Smoking, drinking, stress, fast food and lack of sleep can destroy your immune response, making your body susceptible to bugs and germs. Eating healthy food can boost your immune system. […]

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Tip 15- Having Trouble Dropping Your Spare Tire?

Research suggests that belly fat produces an appetite stimulant, making you feel hungry more often. This sets up a vicious cycle of “old” belly fat leading to “new” belly fat. Here are some tips to help deflate your spare tire: Eat whole grains. People who eat whole […]

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Tip 14- Can A Lack of Sleep Make You Fat?

Sleep, or lack thereof, is something that more than 50 percent of Americans have trouble with at least a few times each week. When you frequently get less sleep than your body needs, you are setting yourself up for a slower metabolism (you can gain weight if […]

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Tip 13- Floss to Improve Memory?

The link between gum disease and dementia has already been established. Now researchers are finding that the more inflammation (from gum disease) in your body, the weaker your memory will be. Researchers suggest that we keep our mouths as clean as possible and brush after every meal […]

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Tip 12- Prevent Swine Flu

The news is reporting that 50% of U.S. citizens will get the Swine Flu. I believe that our best form of action is to take extra precautions, remain calm, and be rational. Tips to protect you and your family: Get your vitamin D levels checked. Low levels […]

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Tip 11- Can Eating The Right Lunch Help Your Kids Do Better In School?

Yes! Protein can help your kids to stay focused (i.e., hard boiled eggs, hummus, sliced lean meat, string cheese, and low sodium turkey jerky). Veggies/fruits provide vitamins and fiber, which help balance blood sugar levels (keeping moods stable) and offer some protection from diabetes (i.e., sliced red […]

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Tip 10- Gulp and Gain

Recent research shows that after eating three bites of food your taste buds are bored, in other words, your sweet tooth is satisfied.  But how many of us stop eating at that point? Today’s tip (to help control your sweet tooth): Your sweet taste buds are on the […]

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Tip 9- Just Beet It

I vowed to never eat them after I moved out of my parents’ home. But getting diagnosed with high cholesterol has brought me back to this purple veggie. Studies show that eating beets can lower cholesterol, decrease inflammation, prevent birth defects and fight cancer. Today’s tip: Beets are […]

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Tip 8- Eat By Color!

Fruits and veggies get those beautiful colors because of the phytochemicals that are in the plants. I know you’re asking yourself, “Phyto-what?” Phytochemicals are substances similar to vitamins, and they are responsible for giving plants their color and taste. They are found in all plant based foods, […]

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