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Tip 37- Can Fiber Help You Lose Weight?

Increase weight loss by adding fiber. Some of the fat you eat gets mixed with the fiber, which then gets excreted (sounds gross, but it’s a good thing).   Eating fiber makes you feel fuller, longer, helping to limit your trips to the refrigerator.   Today’s tip: […]

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Tip 36- Is Your Poop Normal?

It’s a delicate subject, so I’ll make this quick:  Stool is waste containing elements that could cause you harm. The key is to get it out of your body as quickly as possible, and this is where the problems begin. According to Dr. Oz, you should be […]

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Tip 35- Foolproof Tips From My Most Successful Clients (Part 3)

Never get ravenous. Lean people know this trick well; they never allow their hunger to get out of control. When your hunger is overwhelming, you will eat about 30% more calories than your body requires. Often, you will end up craving and eating foods you don’t normally eat. Not only […]

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Tip 34- Foolproof Tips From My Most Successful Clients (Part 2)

Years ago, one of my clients taught me a valuable tip. She was in her mid fifties and looked like she was in her early forties. She had two kids, worked a full time job and volunteered as a Sunday school teacher. Even with her busy schedule, she didn’t let […]

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Tip 33- Foolproof Tips From My Most Successful Clients

Tip 1: Turn off the TV. The average American watches 5 hours of TV per day. The more TV you watch, the higher your body fat content. A recent study found that if people cut their TV viewing in half, they would burn an additional 120 calories per day. […]

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Tip 32- Foods To Boost Your Mood

As winter drags on, it’s important to eat food that will boost your mood. Food rich in folic acid (folate) and in vitamin B12 help prevent disorders of the central nervous system and can boost your mood. To increase folic acid (FA), stick with eating beans and greens. […]

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Tip 31- Habits To Make Your Weight Loss Permanent In 2010 (Part 3)

By 4pm, 80% of women (the primary cook) have no idea what they are cooking for dinner. Talk about a stressful way to end your day! As much as I dislike meal planning, if I don’t do it, I get overwhelmed at 6pm when I have hungry people to […]

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Tip 30- Habits To Make Your Weight Loss Permanent In 2010 (Part 2)

Kick your sugar cravings. A lack of sleep and a lack of protein, or sometimes both, can cause sugar cravings. Most of my clients have sugar cravings in the late afternoon. They often try to fight it with a cup of coffee or a bag of pretzels, which usually […]

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Tip 29- Habits To Make Your Weight Loss Permanent In 2010

Keep a food log. Studies show that people, who write down what they eat, lose twice as much weight as those who don’t keep track. Talk about your exercise program. If I want to make sure I exercise, I have to tell myself I’m going to do it. There […]

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Tip 28- End the Year Strong (Part 2)

In the next 48 hours you can feel less bloated and have a lower stress level. Lose the bloat tip: Cut back on carbohydrates. For every gram of carbs you eat, your body will “hold onto” 2 grams of water. If you cut back on bread, pasta […]

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