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Archive for September 2015

Is That Burger Worth 3 Hours at the Gym?

greek brown rice salad recipe

Imagine if you walked up to the counter at your favorite fast food joint and saw something a little different on the menu. Instead of the standard nutritional info, such as calories and grams of fat, you saw exactly how many miles you would have to walk […]

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3 Tips for Getting into an Exercise Groove

Activities like housework, gardening and sex do count as exercise, but if you’re serious about your health, it’s probably best to schedule more traditional workouts. But don’t fret over the idea. Use these simple tips to get yourself into the “exercise groove.” Schedule your workouts now. You […]

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Going Back to School – Healthy

Or, going to work, healthy ☺ I used to have mixed feelings this time of year. I loved summer but I the missed the mainly healthy routine of the school year. But now that I’m an empty nester, I’m now packing “going to work” lunches and not […]

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HOW TO CUT 300 CALORIES A DAY & lose a pound of fat every 12 days!

Simple tips to cut extra calories from your daily routine-I promise these tips are so good you won’t even notice! VEGGIE PASTA: I love pasta as much as the next gal, but I have to say that this is one food that I can very easily overdo […]

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