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Archive for June 2015

BBQ Blunders

I’ve got some simple tips to protect your family throughout the summer BBQ season. What’s more “American” than the traditional summer BBQ? And, if you’re like most folks, you’ve messed it up! It might be as simple as burning your food or as painful as burning your […]

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Overeating is Avoidable!

Have you ever unbuttoned your pants or loosened your belt after eating too much? We’ve all been there, but I’m here to tell you that overeating is avoidable. More so than you probably think. Here are three things that we can control: 1. Variety: Variety may be the […]

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How to Doctor Up a Pre-Made Meal

Some food manufacturers are doing a much better job in helping busy working families get a healthy dinner on the table. In fact, the packaged salad category is large and growing very quickly. The category was $737 million in sales last year (52 weeks ending 3/28/15) per […]

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