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Archive for December 2013

Peace Out Baby

        Wellness is about more than exercising and eating right. It’s about taking care of yourself emotionally and spiritually. It’s about finding inner peace. But, is that even possible in this hectic world? These days, it seems like we’re bombarded with stress. It comes […]

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Winterize Your Body

          Are you someone who looks forward to winter? Are you excited, not by walks in the woods and making preparations for the holidays, but by wearing your fat pants? Hiding with you under those bulky sweaters and elastic waistband pants are extra […]

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How Well Do You Know Olive… Oil?

Last week, while having lunch with a friend, I used my normal drizzle of olive oil and splash of apple cider vinegar on my salad. Dressing my veggies reminded me that I wanted to ask Sheila about her views on olive oil. Sheila is a PA at […]

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Combating Holiday Stress

How did you feel when you saw your first holiday commercial of the year? For me, it was on Halloween night, and the commercial seemed way too festive for its early airing. But still, it had the same reaction that it does every year. As soon as […]

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