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Archive for August 2013

Healthy Lunches

I know it’s tempting to lunch with the girls (or fellas) every day, dining anywhere from the local pizza joint to an indulgent restaurant. Not only is the food tasty, but the experience offers a fun way to bond with co-workers outside of work. Believe me, I’m […]

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Fight Back To School Germs

            Ah, back to school. It’s a time that children fear and adults revere – that is, until the back-to-school germs rear their ugly heads. You almost forgot about those, didn’t you? Unfortunately, schools are like breeding grounds for infectious germs. And […]

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ABC’s of Skin Cancer

Last month I had the opportunity to create a segment for Seattle’s Fox Q13 about skin cancer. I will admit I didn’t know much about skin cancer, what it looks like or if tanning beds made much of a difference in my chances of getting skin cancer. […]

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My Favorite Summer Recipes

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a bit of a farmer’s market addict. I just love everything about the experience. You get to choose from an assortment of locally-grown seasonal fresh-picked produce, and you may even get the meet the farmer responsible for that food. It […]

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