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Archive for February 2013

Drink Your Fruits & Veggies?

As much as I try to avoid watching infomercials, I sometimes get sucked in – especially when it has to do with nutrition. So, you can bet I’ve seen my share of juicer-mercials. I can’t comment on the quality of those products, but I can give you […]

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Cut 100 Cals

        The other day (like too many days before), I found myself nibbling on my kid’s leftovers. Of course, this was after I already finished my own dinner, and I wasn’t really even hungry. It was just sitting there, staring me down; not enough […]

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7 Habits of Healthy People

You may have heard of the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” but there’s probably more to that story. I’m guessing that in order to become highly effective, these people also have developed some healthy habits. How can you be so effective without good health? Am I […]

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Trust Health Claims?

If you believe everything you read at the grocery store, you’re likely to believe that the answer to all your health problems lies in a box of breakfast cereal. We know better, though, don’t we? Sometimes the FDA gets involved and forces companies to retract or discontinue […]

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