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Archive for November 2012

Operation De-Stress

          The turkey dinners have been eaten and Black Friday has kicked off our holiday shopping season. It all happens so quickly, doesn’t it? Okay. Take a deep breath. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush and start feeling stressed out. […]

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Healthy Thanksgiving?

          Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? It’s a big responsibility, but it’s even bigger when you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet. You know, one that won’t end with you gaining five pounds from this one meal? What makes it so […]

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Love Sugar?

I’m anticipating my holiday travel to visit my family. My mother always makes a BIG batch of her yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Growing up,  homemade chocolate chip cookies were one of my main food groups. No  wonder I shopped for clothes in the “husky” section at […]

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Your Daily Jolt

          It’s rare that I start my day without a cup of coffee. It’s probably more out of habit than anything else, but I do like the little extra jolt I get from my morning caffeine fix. And some research has shown that […]

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