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Archive for May 2012

Sodium, Friend or Foe?

        Doesn’t it always seem like the things that are really bad for you taste really good? Take salt, for example. It doesn’t taste great on its own, but it sure does bring out the flavor of foods. I think that’s why it’s used […]

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Poop Happens

        Years ago I had a client who wanted to lose 20-25 pounds. When we sat down and discussed her typical daily diet, I noticed that she didn’t eat any vegetables and almost no fruit. I mentioned it and then asked my next question, […]

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Best Diets of 2012

    Dieting is big business – Americans spend about $35 billion on weight-loss products every year. Yep, that’s billion with a “b.” New diets are being released constantly. That’s also why we’re all so confused. But even though there are different trains of thought, the principles […]

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Overrated Health Foods

        Doesn’t it seem like every time you turn around, there’s yet another food trending on the diet scene? It’s almost as if there’s a political campaign held every year for the “in” diet food. Soy launches a smear campaign against cholesterol-laden beef, solidifying […]

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