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Archive for April 2012

Worst Snacks of 2012

        You just have to turn on your television to be bombarded with all kinds of new snack ideas that will fill you up between meals without detracting from your weight loss goals. But, out of all the buzz words that food companies use, […]

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Burn That Fat

Your metabolism is running day and night, but it doesn’t always go at the same speed. To truly get your metabolism running at full tilt, your body needs to warm up. Any time you move your body (use muscle) or consume spicy foods, you’re revving up your […]

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Don’t Eat This

          On an average day, I start out with a cup of coffee with just a little splash of half and half. Last week, when I was traveling, my routine was bucked and let’s just say I was less than pleased with my […]

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Healthy Fast Food?

          When you’re having one of your crazy-busy days, sometimes fast food is the only option. It’s better than skipping a meal, especially if you choose one of these “healthier” menu items. Although they’re “healthier,” they still tend to be higher in sodium […]

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Buddy Up For Success

        When I was trying to lose weight, I had a love-hate relationship with my bathroom scale. I allowed the numbers on it to make or break my day. I also weighed in every time I went to the bathroom! I abused my scale, […]

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