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Archive for February 2012

Mindless Snacking

        Spring break is approaching, so that means I’ll be taking a little road trip with my family to visit some of our relatives. We’ve done this trip many times before, so let’s just say I know the ins and outs. If I don’t prepare enough […]

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Fiber To Go

          I was traveling for work last month, and after a few days I began feeling “digestively challenged.” I hadn’t brought as many fiber-rich snacks as I normally do, and I just wasn’t feeling myself. I mentioned this to my friend (and coworker) […]

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Curb Cravings

        If I’m craving something sweet the last thing that will satisfy me is a rice cake. To a certain extent, we are all emotional eaters. We are wired to eat emotionally from a young age. Cuddling with mom or dad while eating, cookies for […]

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The Working Lunch

           Until recently, I thought I had a good working routine for lunch. If you ever came to see me at lunchtime, you’d find me hunkered over my keyboard, carrot sticks in hand. The lunch was healthy, and I saved about 20 minutes […]

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