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Archive for October 2011

Dumb Food Moves

According to my teenagers, I made a “bomb” dinner last week, healthy chicken sausage sautéed with onions, garlic and Swiss chard over brown rice. I thought I had made enough for the four of us with plenty of left-overs. Not a morsel was left! I started to […]

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Banish the Grouch

When I get cranky, I tell myself that my fastest route to mood improvement involves sugar. Yes, I know. That kind of prescription provides only temporary crank-relief. I’m also aware of the cost to my health. Not only does that sugar buzz dissipate quickly, it sticks around […]

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Pumpkin Power Seeds | Recipe to Boost Your Immune System

My favorite immune boosting pumpkin seed recipe Ingredients: Raw Pumpkin seeds (I usually buy these from Trader Joe’s) Barlean’s Coconut Oil Dried/unsweetened Cranberry or Cherries Directions: Add 1 tsp of Barlean’s Coconut oil (click here for a coupon!) to a warm sauté pan (medium heat). Once the […]

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Feed Your Noggin

Yesterday, I called my husband “Louie”. The only problem is, my husband is Steve and my dog is Louie. Was my mind going already? Before I started making plans for assisted living and my last wishes, I had some research to do. The bad news: scientists are […]

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Is Chunky Good?

Are you someone who looks forward to winter? Are you excited, not by walks in the woods and making preparations for the holidays, but by wearing your fat pants? Hiding with you under those bulky sweaters and elastic waistband pants are extra pounds. On average, people add […]

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