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Archive for September 2011

Feed Me!

Exercise makes you hungry. It’s basic physics. Food provides the energy to get you out of bed in the morning. If you get out of bed then get on your bicycle for a two mile ride, you’re upping your energy needs. Hunger is the trigger your body […]

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You’re Hot!

Did you know swelling is a good thing? Your body is telling you your immune system is working. I had a sore throat while traveling last week. My body said “You’re not sleeping enough!” and “You’re eating poorly!” My immune system was doing its job. Conditions like […]

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TV & Your Muffin Top

Holding 10 pounds of fat   Growing up, I watched a lot of TV; from The Brady Bunch to Gilligan’s Island, I sat for most of the afternoon. Even as an adult, I had my TV going almost all evening, sometimes I sat down and watched and […]

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