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Archive for July 2011

Fat and Happy

Last week I was traveling for work. Honestly, I think business travel can really age a person. While I packed some healthy snacks for the road, I never did find the time to pick up more nutritious snacks during the trip. By the time I got home, […]

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Laugh Your Fat Off

Recently a client said to me, “I used to skip dinner and lose a pound. Now I skip dinner and gain a pound!” It’s true. As we age, techniques that used to help us lose or maintain weight no longer work. There reason is, with each passing […]

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The Scoop On Pooping

  Years ago I had a client who wanted to lose 20-25 pounds. When we sat down and discussed her typical daily diet, I noticed that she didn’t eat any vegetables and almost no fruit. I mentioned it and then asked my next question, “How often do […]

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