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Archive for April 2011

Brush Away Your Cravings

Last night I had a great dinner with my family. I felt satisfied and comfortably full. But within minutes of putting my plate in the dishwasher, I was looking for chocolate!  Ahh! Why do I crave something sweet after a meal? After years of battling my sugar […]

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No Time For The Gym?

I was a hyperactive child. I know I was a real handful for my parents, teachers and friends. Now the good news…now it’s paying off! According to a Mayo Clinic study, people who move around a lot during the day will burn hundreds of extra calories a […]

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Heart At Work?

I love teaching people how to be healthy. I’m excited to go to work every day (I know, scary, huh?) Consequently, I can often spend a long day at work and not even think twice about it. Eleven hour days happen for me on a weekly basis; […]

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