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Archive for March 2011

Why I never buy juice…

The goal with any kind of calorie you consume is that it would elevate your blood sugar and keep it level. The problem with juices (and other sweet drinks) is the sugar quickly enters your blood stream which raises your blood sugar level rapidly. The calories in […]

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Fiber: Extend your life …perhaps not your friendships!

Eat more fiber and you may live longer according to the latest research from the National Cancer Institute. The average American is eating about 15 grams of fiber per day. Far below what we should be eating; women should be consuming 25 grams/day and men 38grams/day. In […]

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The Most Deadly Fat in Our Food

I love hot chocolate. It’s my favorite drink on a cold day. But, it’s hard to find hot chocolate that isn’t loaded down with trans fatty acids. Last month I found a hot chocolate that proudly proclaimed from its label “contains no trans fats!” I was so […]

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Veggies and Kids – Is It Worth the Battle?

I admit it. Cleaning and slicing up veggies takes some work. There are days when it is just easier to put a bowl of chips and salsa on the table and call it an “after school snack”. But after reading the following research, I realized the impact […]

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Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

In college, I remember that every time I got a new roommate my weight either went up or down. If the new roommate was a runner and ate healthy foods, I naturally began picking up her habits. The flipside was also true. If my new roommate ordered […]

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