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Archive for October 2010

Tip 73-Boost your immune system today (tip #2)

My top 10 tips for 2011. Last week I wrote about how I changed negative health habits, which allowed me to lose 30 lbs., lower my cholesterol and sleep better. One of the things that always derailed my health was catching a cold. It seems like I […]

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Tip 72- My Top 10 Tips for a Healthy 2011

Tip #1 In 10 weeks, we will begin a new year. When I was overweight, I loved making January 1st weight loss resolutions. It was a fresh start, another chance to lose the weight and improve my health. I worked full time so I was always looking […]

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Tip 71- Sneaky Calories

You’ve been exercising for weeks. It’s your first day to step on the scale, and YIKES! You’re still the same weight. Sometimes calories can sneak up on you and bite you in the….well; I think you see my point.  Here are some sneaky food shockers:  The average […]

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Tip 70- My war with Cholesterol

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol more than 20 years ago. My cholesterol has ranged from 220-240 in the last 20 years.  In March, my cholesterol was 220. I’m not getting any younger (news flash, right?) so I decided to take a stand and really fight this […]

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