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Archive for July 2010

The HealthStyle File: How To End Vitamin Confusion

What: You walk up and down the vitamin aisle feeling totally confused. Asking yourself, should I buy vitamins? Are they really necessary? Are all brands created equal? Which formula is right for my body? Why: Why do you need to take vitamins if you eat a healthy […]

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Tip 57- Our Kids Are Chubby!

Today, kids eat 200 more calories a day than they did in 1977. That’s an extra pound of fat gained every 17 days. Combine that with the fact that our kids are less active today; and no wonder our kids are overweight and at higher risk of […]

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The HealthStyle File: Laugh Your Way To Health!

WHAT: Are you happy? Are you surprised that I care? While you may think it an odd question, being happy can be a huge boost to your health. People who are happy have stronger immune systems, lower cholesterol levels and clearer arteries, and that’s just for starters! One […]

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Deborah’s Kitchen- Chicken with Spinach Salad and Sliced Strawberries

Ingredients: Rotisserie chicken Spinach salad Container of strawberries Dressing Ingredients: 1 rounded teaspoon grainy mustard 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil Salt and pepper, to taste Add a tablespoon of honey if you’d like to make the dressing a bit sweeter. Directions: To […]

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Tip 56- Want to Lose 5 Pounds Today?

Sit up straight! Okay, so you won’t actually lose 5 pounds, but you will look like it. Every inch you stand taller, you appear 5 pounds thinner. We sit at our computers hunched over, and as the day goes on, our posture gets even worse. When you […]

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