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Archive for December 2009

Tip 27- End the Year Strong

You can still lose weight during the holidays! Many of us have thrown our weight loss plans out the window in December. You don’t have to give up. In the next 8 days you could lose 2 pounds, feel less bloated, and have a lower stress level. […]

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Tip 26- Sleep Solutions

Here are a few simple solutions to give you a great night of sleep: Wear socks to bed. Your body prepares for sleep by distributing heat from your core out to your fingers and toes; warm feet send a signal to your body that it’s time for […]

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Tip 25- Get Some Sleep! (Part 2)

Sleep Zapper: When you eat cold foods (fruit/green salad or a smoothie) for dinner, your body has to work hard to bring the temperature of the food up to body temperature. The goal at night is to help your body relax; you don’t want it to get […]

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Tip 24- Get Some Sleep!

Get some sleep! 65% of us have a hard time sleeping and holiday stress doesn’t help. Sleep Zapper: Red meat contains an amino acid called tyrosine; this amino acid helps to energize you and keep you alert. This is great during the day, but not so wonderful […]

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