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Archive for August 2009

Tip 10- Gulp and Gain

Recent research shows that after eating three bites of food your taste buds are bored, in other words, your sweet tooth is satisfied.  But how many of us stop eating at that point? Today’s tip (to help control your sweet tooth): Your sweet taste buds are on the […]

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Tip 9- Just Beet It

I vowed to never eat them after I moved out of my parents’ home. But getting diagnosed with high cholesterol has brought me back to this purple veggie. Studies show that eating beets can lower cholesterol, decrease inflammation, prevent birth defects and fight cancer. Today’s tip: Beets are […]

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Tip 8- Eat By Color!

Fruits and veggies get those beautiful colors because of the phytochemicals that are in the plants. I know you’re asking yourself, “Phyto-what?” Phytochemicals are substances similar to vitamins, and they are responsible for giving plants their color and taste. They are found in all plant based foods, […]

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Tip 7- Don’t Waste Your Money On Fruit

Here’s what I mean, don’t waste your money by not storing it properly. This is the season for stone fruits: Apricots, peaches, plums and nectarines. They need to be consumed quickly before they go bad. Stone fruits ripen from the bottom up to the stem. If you […]

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Tip 6- Laughing to Lose Pounds?

Laughing helps release endorphins, the feel-good chemical that evens out our moods and makes us happy and relaxed. Have you ever had problems trying to lose weight? Would you be surprised to learn that happiness can greatly affect your ability to do so? Studies have shown that […]

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